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The Aden Family has been engaged in highly diversified farming operations in Northwest/North Central Iowa for some 130 years, raising Milking Shorthorn and Registered Holstein-Friesian dairy cattle, Registered Suffolk and several other breeds of sheep, a few common breeds of swine, and many rare breeds of various poultry. We have been farming organically, in Iowa and Wisconsin, since 1970. At Eden Valley Farms, just northeast of the tiny town of Nemaha, Iowa, we have returned to our roots, by raising rare heritage breeds of dual-purpose cattle on organically-managed grassland and timber pasture along the Raccoon River. We presently are building small herds of Dutch Belted and Irish Dexters. We raise Berkshire hogs, year-round, under humane and natural conditions. We raise several heritage poultry breeds of various species, including turkeys, Rhode Island Red, White and Barred Rock chickens, and White Muscovy ducks, in the uniquely-designed Care-O-Cell Automated Small Animal Rotational Pasturing System that we are franchising to all concerned producers dedicated to producing wholesome, healthful meats, under humane conditions, with a minimum of human contact and labor, for a price that the average family can afford. We also have a few natural and recirculating aquaculture production projects of both cold and warm-water finfish, Red Swamp Crayfish and freshwater lobsters. In 2009, we launched our GreenWall Garden Terracing System for protecting excessively steep slopes while converting them to sustainable pasture, vegetable and small fruit production. New for 2012, are: Our Sentinel Micro-Hydro-Electric Generation and Flow Monitoring Systems for long-distance control of livestock watering, aquaculture, hydroponic and other fluid dynamic applications. Our state-of-the-art $Greenback$ Crustacean Production System, utilizing our long-proven CondoCrustacea technology, for raising freshwater lobsters (Giant Australian Crayfish) in all climatic zones, from subtropical to arctic. We are making these systems available under very economical percentage-based cooperative franchise to all interested producers, small and large.


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Irish Dexter Cattle - Broodstock Sales and Breeding Services

Dual-Purpose Heritage Poultry Meat Producers/Brown Egg Layers

Care-O-Cell Automated Small Animal Rotational Pasturing System

GreenWall Erosion Control and Garden Terracing System

$Greenback$ Crustacean Production System

Sentinel Micro-Hydro-Electric Generation and Flow Monitoring Systems

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