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Edible Forest offers fruit and nut trees not only for mild areas like Madison, WI but also for areas previous home in zone 3, northern WI. You will find varieties and rootstocks for areas with cold winters (zones 2 and 3 such as are typical in states along the border with Canada as well as Alaska); short summers (as short as a 90 day frost- free season, maybe shorter); dry, windy conditions such as those found in locations often found in Colorado, the Dakotas, Western Nebraska, Montana, Wyoming, the High Plains of CA, etc; areas subject to Chinooks and minimal summer sunlight such as found in parts of Alaska; extremely sandy soil as in northern Wisconsin, and extreme temperature swings such as those found in mountain valleys and benches in Montana, Washington, etc.

You will also find varieties chosen for disease resistance in zones 4 and 5, as well as antique and hard- cider apples. Don't forget to check out the plum and pear stock too, chosen for quality, hardiness, and disease resistance


Listing last updated on Jan 2, 2008

We sell fruit trees; we offer some antique varieties such as Hawkeye Delicious, Wagner, and Spitzenburg apple; the Herefordshire Redstreak hard cider apple; the Dana Hovey and White Doyenne pear; and the Weaver plum. (To name a few). We do mail stock via USPS or UPS.

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