Edible Organic Cactus Grade A (Nopalitos)

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Edible Organic Cactus Grade A (Nopalitos)

Nopalea grande edible cactus leaves. The highest grade we carry, world class gourmet quality.

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These cactus leaves are a small and tender, organic, baby-vegetable type. More difficult to prepare due to the small size and tenderness. We pack these with a layer of tissue between each layer of leaves to protect them better during shipping. They are the most prime leaves, and packed the most carefully. We have to search high and low through the cactus patch to find the best of the cactus for this grade.

For most folks we recommend the Grade C. It is also high quality, but much larger leaves and more chance of defects...the Grade A is selected to be only the prettiest leaves, of a small and delicate growth, maturity and size. Unless you are a gourmand, the Grade C will probably be just fine for ya!

Edible Cactus, nearly spineless. Easy to prepare, tasty and nutritious. This unique vegetable can be shipped to you for a delightful and rare taste of the exotic. Our 'User-Friendly' freshly picked edible cactus leaves are from the variety called Nopalea Grande. This is the most excellent of all edible leaved cacti we have come upon. We usually pick the nearly spineless leaves of this plant at a six to ten inch size. This size is very good for fresh cooking, and should be refrigerated upon arrival. They should last for a couple weeks or so lightly wrapped in the refrigerator. We grow our cactus plants far from the nearest conventional agriculture surrounded by miles of California Live Oak chaparral/woodlands. Our plantings are on a terraced hillside using both ancient and modern ways.

Certified Organic by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF)