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We are a family operation, 4th generation. We grow and propagate orchids, tropical and rare plants. Originally from the Chicago Area, relocated to Central Florida in 1999. We grow a multitude of plants, tropical plants, orchids being our specialty. Ground orchids, yes, actual orchids that you can plant in the ground here in North/Central to South Florida and anywhere in the World that's Tropical. We are honest, hard working modern day farmers!! We have one of the cleanest greenhouses in our industry, which can't but help to make our plants flourish for you.

Listing last updated on Sep 20, 2013

Located in delightful Deland. Come visit our 17k sq. Ft. Indoor greenhouses. You will be amazed! Open: Tuesday - Saturday 10 - 5 pm. We always have phalaenopsis on sale along with our bargain cart.. We specialize in many varieties of carnivorous plants including pitcher plants, and Venus fly traps. Colector varrieties of african violets and trailing ones too. Take a field trip for the soul.

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The Hauserman's have the cleanest greenhouses I have ever seen! You cannot smell anything bad. I think the secret is great ventilation practices and constant care.... [more]

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