We are a small family farm located in Northern Illinois. We have several dozen chickens and a few geese and ducks as well. We currently have Black Star and Buff Orpington chickens. They lay beautiful large brown eggs. We occasionaly have goose eggs available too. We will also have Araucauna eggs soon. Araucaunas have been called the "Easter Egg" chicken. They lay eggs in a variety of pastel colors which include beautiful blues and greens and an occasional rose colored egg. We love our chickens and they have the best quality care. They are free range and are fed the only the best quality feed. Their feed is soy free (for those with soy allergies). We also add flax seed to increase the Omega-3 benefits. We may also have eggs available for hatching.

Listing last updated on Jan 18, 2005

Schedule and Location:

Days and times vary. However we will be in Freeport, Rockford, and Woodstock. Please contact us for further information.

Schedule and Location:

Eggs are always available. It is best to call ahead or email an order for pick up. Eggs are $2.00 a dozen. Delivery is sometimes available for an additional small fee.

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