Egyptian Walking Onion Sets

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Egyptian Walking Onion Sets

Once established, these unique and versatile topsetting heirloom onions will reproduce and multiply for years to come!

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 1 ounce of onion sets$7.00

Season: Sep-May 

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Egyptian Walking Onions are very unusual, heirloom onions. They are top-setters, which means that they produce onion seeds from the flowering green tops of the onion. They are called walking onions because the top-setters will fall over and re-root themselves; literally "walking". These onions also make a nice addition to the perennial flower garden!

Walking onions are great harvested young as green onions, or left to mature into a shallot-like bulb. Be sure to leave some in the ground to produce the top-setters for next years crop. If left in the ground, the bulbs will also multiply underground. These should be dug up and divided every few years.

Sets can be planted in the fall or in the spring, but fall planting ensures that the tops will set the following year. Plant just below the ground as soon as weather cools a bit in the fall. Next spring, you may harvest green onions or leave them to produce topsets in late summer. Harvest sets after the skins begin to dry.

We sell the top-sets by the ounce, as sizes vary. There are usually 12-25 sets per ounce, depending on their size.

The bulblets should produce flowering tops in their first year if planted in the fall, but we cannot guarantee this as conditions vary from our garden to yours. We will happily replace any onions that do not send up a green onion, but cannot replace those that come up but do not produce a flower. They will produce a flowering top the following year if left in the ground.

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