Elephant Garlic

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Elephant Garlic

Home Grown Elephant Garlic (Extra Large Cloves). Naturally grown in our garden just for you! Will ship after it has dryed.

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 1 ib. of cloves $18.00  Qty:
 0.5 lb. of cloves $9.00  Qty:
 .25 lb. cloves$4.00

Season: Jul-Jan 

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We have been growing this garlic for many years now. Our Great Grandfather had been growing it before us. We are hoping to continue the tradition in our family.

As you are aware, the elephant garlic is not as hot or strong as other garlic varieties. It is this mild flavor that makes it so sought after. Not to mention all the health benefits! The garlic has no chemicals applied. All natural fertilizer is used and it is mulched with all natural materials. Because of the fact we do not use fungicide or pesticides, we are very careful to rotate our crops each year and watch for any problems. We cannot promise you will not find a blemish on a clove now and then but we are very careful not to ship any out that have any noticeable issues.

The garlic is shipped by total weight as cloves. Bulbs can be shipped but this has to be requested and you will not receive as much garlic because of the stem, etc. adding weight. The price noted for the rounds are per each. Pictured is the largest Elephant Garlic i have ever grown! It is from this 2012 crop. 6 inchs across or wide and roughly 15 inchs in circumfence!!! It weighed 2 lbs when first dug!

Natalie and Alex really love to grow Garlic! In addition to the Elephant Garlic we have smaller quantities of various hardneck varieties available as well. The Elephant garlic we have been growing originated from our Great Grandfather\'s garden. He is now 90 years old! He has been growing it for over 50 years! It is our hope to continue his legacy for another 50 years!

Naturally Grown and Cared For Each and Every Day!