Elephant Garlic Bulbs

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Elephant Garlic Bulbs

Deliciously mild Elephant Garlic bulbs. I had a bumper crop this year, so there are many small and large bulbs available.

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 2 lbLooseCloves $9.99  Qty:
 12 LARGE bulbs$49.00

Season: Aug-Nov 

 9 SMALL-MEDIUM bulbs$28.00

Season: Aug-Nov 

 4 LARGE bulbs$18.00

Season: Aug-Nov 

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Elephant Garlic grows exactly like hard neck garlic varieties, but it's actually in the leek family. Precisely as the name implies it is LARGE bulbs of garlic. Some of my biggest bulbs are close to one pound each!

You will enjoy the ease of pealing the larger cloves and how much easier it is to use them in cooking. For planting, figure on approximately five cloves per bulb.

Give them plenty of space when planting (at least 8" apart). They have grown well for me planted in the Fall -- expect bulbs to be 2.5"- 4" across! Also expect scapes to form in the late Spring. Unless you want to attract bees (or sacrifice your bulb size), you'll want to pull out or snap off the scapes while they're young and tender.

To propagate elephant garlic save your biggest bulbs and plant the biggest cloves you can. Seeds (called corms) will be hanging from the bottom of some bulbs. IF you can get these corms to germinate (you may need to soak the corms or even gently slit the outer shell), each one will grow into a round. A round is one solid, round piece of garlic. I get rounds that are anywhere from 1"-3" across. Plant those rounds in the Fall, and they will produce a large elephant garlic bulb for you the next season.

My SMALL bulbs are less than 3" across. BIG bulbs are more than 3" across at the widest point.

LOOSE CLOVES should be planted or eaten immediately!

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While I try to keep costs down, shipping Elephant Garlic (which can weigh about 1# per bulb) plus the size of each bulb, requires the medium or large one-rate Priority Mail box at $11-$16. Your best bet is a larger order so the shipping doesn\'t seem so high in comparison. USPS.com has set the rates, not me :-(

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