Englewood Farmers' Market

The Englewood Farmers Market is a community-driven healthy food and eating market in the Englewood neighborhood of Chicago, IL.

The Englewood Farmers Market is committed to bringing healthy foods, farm products, and artisanal goods to the community. The outdoor market ambience is the wonderful venue where the urban landscape and the community can converge more intrinsically. The Englewood Farmers Market attempts to exude most things that are healthy and beneficial to the vitality and development of people in Chicagoland, the Midwest, and across other borderlines.

Listing last updated on Mar 3, 2010

The Market makes the effort to bring local farmers, bakers, preservers, experts, musicians, artisans, chefs, and many others to provide an abundance of pathways inside a world of informed eating decisions and commitments. Through its Market School program, the Englewood Farmers Market has held a host of workshops with the assistance of the Department of Health Services and the University of Illinois at Chicago. Making healthier food options available to families, restaurants, businesses, etc

Schedule and Location:

Thursday mornings time, 9am - 1. starting June 10th until October 28th

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