Family owned and operated. We have been raising cattle for over 30 years. We offer all natural beef--no growth hormones, no antibiotics, nothing artificial. Our cattle graze on lush, green pastures of quality forage grasses. They are grain-finished the last 90+ days on locally grown grain.

Listing last updated on May 16, 2012

Our beef has great marbling, beautiful red color, and lean choice cuts of meat. The beef is only sold in the spring, usually May/June.

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I only have one question. You are going grass-fed, no hormones.....but then why would you feed GMO grain at the end for 90 days? You just contaminated your meat with GMOs.... [more]

We purchased beef from Enloe Farms this spring and are very pleased. The meat is very tender and the taste is wonderful. The Enloes are very good to work with.... [more]

My husband and I have purchased beef from Enloe Farms twice now and have been more than satisfied both times. It is evident that they go to great lengths to ensure their meat is only high quality.... [more]

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