Epicurean Honey Co.

We offer honey, bee pollen, bees wax and agave nectar for the retail and wholesale markets. We are blessed, here in Western Colorado, with some of the finest pollen and honey in the world. Our honey is selected from the crops of several master beekeepers in the region who hold back the best of the best for us. The remainder is sold to the large scale honey packers. Our alfalfa/sweetclover is the classic honey that has made local honey so sought after. Additionally, we offer select floral source honeys on a limited scale. Specialty honeys from the 2012 crop include: Rabbit Brush, Flattops Wildflower, and Trappers Lake Wildflower. We offer both valley mix pollen from the agricultural regions at lower elevations and a wildflower pollen gathered at over 11,000 ft in the White River National Forest. Our bee pollen is fresh frozen and is moist and tasty.

Listing last updated on Oct 30, 2013

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I was just given a sample of this honey and it blew my mind. I will be looking to purchase some of my own soon. Super yum!

We sell this honey at the Buttermilk fruit stand in Aspen and everyone loves it. Come by and try some with fresh palisade peaches!

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