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Erstwhile - "in the past", "at a former time" As our farm name indicates, we use practices on our farm that dates back to the days gone by...using no chemicals or antibiotics, raising our hens and pigs on pasture and in the great outdoors. We use no GMO's , feeding mainly certified organic grains. We have planted windbreaks and native grasses, We are the third generation on our small family farm located 4 miles south of Monroe, Nebraska. We sell products year long online through Nebraska Food and also direct market off the farm. We see the value in good food and meals cooked at home with family.

Listing last updated on May 11, 2011

Main feature - our pigs raised the old fashioned way... on the dirt in the fresh outdoors. The sows get to build nests when they are ready to farrow and wallow in the mud at will. We enjoy watching our pigs get to act like pigs. This makes for a healthy animal and quality tasting pork. Our pork is sold by the halves,whole . Feeder pigs available. Our crop ground is certified organic. We also sell seasonal vegetables and eggs from hens on pasture. We use no antibiotics or chemicals on our farm.

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Year long online - Nebraska Food

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As an agronomist who visits a lot of regional farm operations I know a good operator when I am there, The Stec's are top shelf producers. We have eaten their offering of pork for several years, a smile and full tummy are the best answers to the question: is their pork good? Our freezer is full for the long winter season with fresh and process pork to make meals a delight.and healthy every time.

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