Eskibilly Acres

We are located 70 miles south of Springfield, IL, and 70 mile north east of St Louis, MO. We raise Glouchestershire " Old Spot " swine . Give us a call ,we might have some raw milk fed jersey calves for sale . And let us know if we can set you up with a family milk cow.All our hogs are raised on pasture and finshed on raw milk from our small herd of milk cows

Listing last updated on May 9, 2011

Product Availability. We will be taking orders for our pastured pork for the 2011 season beginning May-2011. This pork is of excellent quality. raised on pasture and fed raw milk from our small herd of cows. It melts in your mouth! We have some G.O.S. gilts for sale at this time. We will also have some berkshire pigs available soon. Also have a few raw milk fed Jersey calves and maybey a family milk cow or two.

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