Listing last updated on Mar 26, 2004

Schedule and Location:

Espanola Historical Plaza Calle Don Diego
Monday, 12:00 noon-dusk

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Thanks to the tireless efforts of those in charge of the Espanola market, it is now in a permanent home and represents GOOD things about the Espanola Valley -- and affords opportunities for kids to learn about farming and marketing.

Farming has always been a 'family tradition' up here. There were years when 'nobody' even planted a garden. Its wonderful to be able to support something that not only provides a cultural link to a past 'tradition', BUT.... [more]

Instead of trucking their produce to Santa Fe to get higher prices, the farmers who come to Espanola actually live and farm in Espanola. It needs the money much more than the Santa Fe market, which receives more publicity and support even though the farmers have to come as from as far as 100 miles away.... [more]

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