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In 2002, we purchased our farm in McDade, Texas. In 2003, we began our pastured poultry operation. We garnered the advice Kim and Gloria Alexander to get us started in the Joel Salatin model of pastured poultry. We started with 500 golden sexlink and Aracauna layers and now have retired two flocks and have more than 2000 layers. The breeds we have now are golden sexlink, aracauna, barred rocks and black sex link. The Aracauna chickens lay green eggs and the other breeds lay brown eggs. We have expanded are farm to include chicken broilers, goats, and have started a dairy. We purchased our first Jersey cow this year. We are licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture. We are a member of the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association and the Texas Organic Farmer and Gardener Association. Ethically raised - Totally drug free - No chemical additives - No animal by-products - No artificial hormones

How Do We Raise Our Birds?

Our poultry are raised free range on pasture with shelters that are moved daily onto fresh grass. The birds have lots of room to run while still having the shelters to give them shade from the sun and protection from the rain. The range area and the shelters are surrounded with mesh to protect the birds from predators. By moving the ranges the birds have access to fresh vegetative grass at all times. This gives our flocks a clean healthy environment to thrive in. The birds are also fed, free choice, high quality grain.

Why Grass-Fed?

When we feed animals their original diet, we are feeding them food that is most in harmony with their digestive system. This naturally produces healthier animals. Meat and eggs from grass-fed animals supply our bodies with a natural source of Omega 3 Fatty Acids, CLA and Beta-Carotene. Free Range animals produce lean meat that is very dense, tender, juicy and has wonderful flavor. Care must be taken not to over cook the meat since it is very lean. We are proud to provide you with the safest, healthiest meat possible.


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We believe: that it is our privilege to be stewards of the land and that we should leave it in a better state than when we got it.

We believe: that our children should be raised in a healthy mental and physical environment.

We believe: that animals should be treated kindly, humanely, ethically and have access to fresh air, clean water, green grass and sunshine.

We believe: that a healthy environment and gentle handling grows healthy animals, which reduces disease.

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Sunset Valley Farmer's Market
Tony Berger Center (W Hwy 71)
Saturdays 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

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