Evening Primrose Seed - Organically Produced

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Evening Primrose Seed - Organically Produced

Biennial native plant, lovely yellow night blooming fragrant flowers. Fresh seed for 2014 available now!

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Common Evening primrose (Oenethera biennis) is native to the United States, and can be found in almost all of the lower 48. Once established it will reseed itself, so it is a good idea to plant this where you want it to come back year after year.

Evening Primrose is a night blooming plant. It has a shrub like growth habit, which makes it perfect for garden borders. It will grow to about 5' high, and 2-3 feet in diameter. It has pretty dark green leaves, and at night and on overcast days will be covered with fragrant cheerful bright yellow flowers, which are a beacon to pollinators! I have honey bees, and they love the evening primrose, as do the bumble bees, carpenter bees and butterflies. I have even seen hummingbirds feeding at my evening primrose plants in the evenings. This will start blooming in early summer and continue until fall, when it starts producing seed.

Evening Primrose seed require light in order to germinate. Scatter the tiny seed on the ground and do not cover, but gently tamp down with your hand. Can be sown in spring or fall.

SAVE YOUR OWN SEED: At the end of the growing season collect the tiny black seed from the pods which will form at the base of the flowers.

Culinary: Plant is edible - flowers can be added to salads.

Medicinal: Oil derived from seeds is taken for PMS and symptoms of menopause. NOT SUBSTANTIATED BY FDA

One pack = minimum 100 seeds organically produced for 2014

Happy Gardening!!

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My seeds are harvested and cleaned by hand, and are fresh for the season specified. I never sell old seed. As a result of hand cleaning, there may be some small amount of \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"natural\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" material (chafe) included with your seeds, especially the tiny ones. Just plant it with your seeds!

All seeds & plants are produced using natural methods.

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