Workshop: Backyard Chicken Keeping

Love Apple Farms - Santa Cruz, California

Come to Love Apple Farms and learn all about backyard chickens, then take home baby chicks! Even city dwellers can keep a few laying hens in their yards. Most city ordinances allow it. Students will take home three live chicks - after learning how to care for them. Class participants also receive a brooder starter kit containing heat lamp system, feeder, waterer, bedding, and chick feed.

You will receive plans on building a simple yet predator-proof coop. You need not build the coop prior to class; your chicks will be fine with your take-home brooder kit until a proper coop can be built. Class limited to those 8 years and older.

You will receive female chicks (they do not crow) and each one will lay a different colored egg: green, white, or brown. Hens do not require a rooster in order to lay eggs.

If you'd like more than three chicks, it may be possible to purchase more on the day of the class. Three laying hens make up a pretty good flock for a family of four, and should give about two dozen eggs a week. Space is limited. There will only be 25 brooder kits/chick flocks available.


Tuition is $95 including the brooder kit.

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Additional family members are welcome to accompany a full-tuition student at a cost of $20 each. We encourage family members to attend (even children), as then everyone will learn how to care for the chickens. Of course, the full-tuition student is the only one taking home chicks, coop plans, waterer, feeder, chick starter feed, shaving, heat lamp and bulb.

The chicken breeds that will be available for the October class are: Ameraucana (they lay green eggs), Silver Cochins (they lay light brown eggs), and WellSummers (they lay dark brown eggs).

Date: Oct 6, 2012
Start Time:10:00 AM
End Time:2:00 PM
Organized by:Love Apple Farms
Address: 2317 Vine Hill Road
Santa Cruz, CA 95065
Phone:(831) 588-3801
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