Transition Gathering

Monroe Park Grocery Co-Op - South Bend, Indiana

Transition Michiana When: January 24-26, 2013

Where: Salvation Army Kroc Center, South Bend

Who: Anyone in the South Bend/Michiana area interested in issues of sustainability

What: We are working together to build a healthy, sustainable economic future for South Bend and the surrounding area: Together we face the challenges posed by climate change and rising energy costs. Together we can create a more vibrant and resilient local community!

What is the Transition Movement?

The Transition Movement is a globally evolving framework that works for a future in which: [li]the vast resources of our community are recognized and utilized and our local economy is valued; [li]lower energy use is seen as a benefit; [li] and, the building of resilience will become the cornerstone of a new economy.

Transition focuses on retooling, re-skilling, and building strong, local community relationships so that we can produce and consume as locally as possible.

The Transition Gathering in January will provide the opportunity for participants to build and expand networks of people to work on topics such as: ¢?¢ Local food production, distribution and preservation skills ¢?¢ Local transportation ¢?¢ Local job creation ¢?¢ Local energy production ¢?¢ Engaging local government and institutions around sustainability issues ¢?¢ Sustainability education integrated across family and school environments ¢?¢ Strengthening community relationships

Through the Transition approach, our local community can claim its own power to flourish socially, economically, and ecologically! Leading up to the gathering in January, we will be hosting several local events. For more information, please visit:

Start Date: Jan 26, 2013
End Date:Jan 28, 2013
Start Time:5:00 PM
Organized by:Monroe Park Grocery Co-Op
Address: 744 South Main Street
South Bend, IN 46601
Phone:(574) 520-7745
Email: Email Us