Workshop: Growing Giant Pumpkins

Love Apple Farms - Santa Cruz, California

We're rolling out the orange carpets for our newest class! Learn how to grow giant pumpkins from a master: Kurt Gustafson. Last year Kurt's pumpkin weighed in at 843 pounds! Giant pumpkins are a fall tradition in our climate zone and you, too, can get in on the fun. Who knows, maybe you'll even take away some of those big prizes. At the CSD Annual Giant Pumpkin Festival, this year's winner took home $9,783. The Half Moon Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival offered a $25,000 bonus prize for a world record breaking pumpkin.

There's more to growing giant pumpkins than sticking a seed in the ground and letting the fruit get as big as possible. From proper soil amendment, spacing, and staking to continuing fertilization, pests, and stem stress, Kurt will divulge the mysteries and secrets of specialty pumpkin growers. The farm will also be offering up our secret stash of giant pumpkin seeds for students to sow and take home after the class.



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Date: Apr 28, 2013
Start Time:2:00 PM
End Time:5:00 PM
Organized by:Love Apple Farms
Address: 2317 Vine Hill Road
Santa Cruz, CA 95065
Phone:(831) 588-3801
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