Organic Berry Workshop: Saturday, March 2 at WEI

Amador Hill Farm and Orchard at WEI - North Branch, Minnesota

Brazilian born Paul Otten of Natura Farms is Minnesota's Leading Organic Berry Grower, with five decades of knowledge and experience growing berries and currents on three diverse continents. This day-long workshop will change your garden and farm plans and deepen your appreciate of the health giving substances in berries and currants.

This berry workshop will walk participants through all the basic steps necessary to get on a solid footing: site selection, soil building and stewardship, cultivar choices, transplanting, training, pruning, care, harvesting, end-use, and marketing. Strawberry and raspberry culture will be covered along with currants and elderberries. Weather permitting, we will also go into the WEI field to actually prune (bring your gloves and pruners) to demonstrate the hows and whys of pruning berry plants. This is a "tell it as it is" presentation, not an ivory tower, hypothetical, or theoretical presentation. Since Paul literally farms for health, his workshop reflects that natural reality that HEALTHY SOIL produces HEALTHY PLANTS which in turn are instrumental in sustaining HEALTHY PEOPLE (consumers) and a HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT and sustainable business. Paul will describe how he tripled his organic matter in 30 years and "grew" his top soil from 5 to 17 inches in depth, thus increasing 6 to 7 fold his plants access to nutrients within the same footprint. The results speak for themselves: his healthy soil produces healthy plants that are able to defend themselves against pathogenic disease organisms and most insects, thus eliminating the need for toxic sprays.

The registration fee is $65.00 per person. Please register at or call 651.583.0705.

Date: Mar 2, 2013
Start Time:10:00 AM
End Time:4:00 PM
Organized by:Women's Environmental Institute
Address: 15715 River Road
North Branch, MN 55056
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