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Grove City Farmers Market (Jul 19, 2014 - Sep 13, 2014)
White Dove Herbs Teas (Grove City , OH)


Dehydrating from the Garden (Aug 21, 2014)
Glass Rooster Cannery (Sunbury, OH)

Looking for alternative healthy snacks and quick meals to improve your family's eating habits? Here's a class that teaches how to make delicious snacks and make-ahead mixes without the preservatives in processed foods. (...)

We CAN! Waterbath Canning: Pickles and Relish (Aug 23, 2014)
Glass Rooster Cannery (Sunbury, OH)

Join us to learn the safety and science behind water bath canning with a hands-on lesson making relish and pickles. We will discuss the secrets behind crunchy pickling and techniques to make canning practical and enjoyable. (...)

World Kitchen Garden Day (Aug 24, 2014)
Circle Garden Farm (Hillsboro, OH)

We are encouraging everyone to grow their own kitchen garden by sponsoring a garden contest which culminates in a winning garden honored this day. We will be open this Sunday for picking. Anyone wishing to pick a free bouquet of flowers will be welcome to do so. (...)

Green Thumb, Great Chef (Aug 24, 2014)
The Seasoned Farmhouse (Columbus, OH)

The secret behind stellar food is to use the freshest, highest-quality ingredients. Fresh produce from the garden gives any chef a leg up in the meal preparation process. In this class, we will demystify plants and their care and will steer you clear of common mistakes. (...)

We CAN! Waterbath Canning: Salsa and Tomatoes (Aug 25, 2014)
Glass Rooster Cannery (Sunbury, OH)

Join us to learn the safety and science behind water bath canning with a hands-on lesson using tomatoes to create delicious salsa and canned tomatoes. Everything is provided including plenty of taste testing; you leave with a jar of product and the confidence to repeat the process at home. (...)

Fermentation Techniques: Wine, Kefir, Kombucha and More (Aug 28, 2014)
Glass Rooster Cannery (Sunbury, OH)

Learn simple techniques for making fermented beverages at home! Our class focuses on using fresh fruit to make a delicious simple wine, dairy to create rich and creamy healthful kefir, and kombucha probiotic tea. (...)

We CAN! Pressure Canning 101 (Aug 30, 2014)
Glass Rooster Cannery (Sunbury, OH)

Does it really matter whether I water bath or pressure can those vegetables? Will the pressure cooker blow up in my kitchen?? How do I know it is safe to eat what I make? This class is for cooks who want to overcome fear of the "bomb" in the kitchen. (...)