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Cooking with Herbs (Jan 6, 2015)
Glass Rooster Cannery (Sunbury, OH)

Herbs can be a delicious mystery--is this herb a companion taste to that? Something seems to be missing--what is it?? This class will focus on companion herbs to create several flavorful dishes. We will discuss which seasonings go well together and test some recipes to decide for ourselves. (...)

Kids CAN! Cook: Cinnamon Rolls and Bready Treats (Jan 7, 2015)
Glass Rooster Cannery (Sunbury, OH)

Drop off your grade school child for a hands-on class on bread making. We will make our signature Glass Rooster Cannery Bread dough, and turn it into wholesome bread and cinnamon rolls. Fresh ingredients will be provided for sandwich making and we will eat their homemade creations for dinner. (...)

We CAN! PRessure Can: Soups and More (Jan 10, 2015)
Glass Rooster Cannery (Sunbury, OH)

When do you use the pressure canner and when is it safe to water bath? This class discusses the history, safety and science behind pressure canning with a hands-on lesson making fresh soup and pressure canning it to create a safe shelf product for your pantry. (...)

We CAn! Water bath Canning 101 (Jan 13, 2015)
Glass Rooster Cannery (Sunbury, OH)

Join us to learn the safety and science behind water bath canning with a hands-on lesson canning a sweet winter chutney. Learn the tricks to making shelf stable products to fit your family's tastes and needs without using preservatives. (...)

Super Winter Soups (Jan 15, 2015)
Glass Rooster Cannery (Sunbury, OH)

What is better than a warm bowl of soup in winter weather? Join us to create a soup bar, share dinner together, and take home plenty for tomorrow's dinner. We will create a hearty vegetable soup, a delicious beef and mushroom and Glass Rooster's signature chicken and spatzle noodle. (...)

Artisan Bread: Simple and Flexible Recipes (Jan 17, 2015)
Glass Rooster Cannery (Sunbury, OH)

Join us for a class on baking artisan bread with recipes and techniques simple enough to repeat at home. We will learn about sour dough and yeast breads, make our own loaves and share lunch with fresh bread as our centerpiece. (...)

Soap Making 101 (Jan 20, 2015)
Glass Rooster Cannery (Sunbury, OH)

Poppy seed, oatmeal, cocoa and coffee! These are some of the natural ingredients we can use to make homemade soap that is good for us and good for the environment. Join us at Glass Rooster Cannery for a soap-making workshop and learn the ins and outs of making a moisturizing hand soap, an exfoliating work soap, or a scented bath soap. (...)

Kids CAN! Craft: Welcome Logs (Jan 21, 2015)
Glass Rooster Cannery (Sunbury, OH)

Snacks will be provided as your grade school child brings out their creativity to paint and decorate log rounds for your front stoop. The Cannery will supply everything your son or daughter needs to make a beautiful craft and learn about nature along the way. (...)