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Organic Gardening Workshop Seed Starting (May 5, 2014)
Greentree Naturals (Sandpoint, ID)

Gain a solid understanding of seed starting, and in doing so create the best environment for seedlings to thrive; learn what crops should be direct sown and why; review optimal environmental considerations for seed germination; preparation of seed bed; seeding methods, seed depth and seedling care. (...)

Organic Gardening Workshop Planning the Garden (May 19, 2014)
Greentree Naturals (Sandpoint, ID)

We will cover topics crucial to a successful organic garden to include: Preparing the soil for planting; direct seeding and transplanting; companion planting; intercropping and crop rotation; record keeping, garden maps and succession planting are all a part of planning for a successful harvest. (...)

Organic Gardening Workshop Fertilizing Organically (Jun 2, 2014)
Greentree Naturals (Sandpoint, ID)

Fertilizing organically: Fertile soil is the first step in increasing yields; examine your soil and its needs; learn how to amend your soil and improve its structure; review organic amendments, compost, manures, organic matter and foliar feeding; learn how to take a soil sample. (...)

Organic Gardening Workshop Natural Weed Control (Jun 16, 2014)
Greentree Naturals (Sandpoint, ID)

Natural weed control: On any organic garden or farm, particularly newly cultivated ground, it is likely that weed control commands a major part of the gardeners' time over the course of the season. We will look at using different types of organic mulches and weed prevention strategies used to control unwanted plants. (...)

Organic Gardening Workshop Natural Pest Management (Jun 30, 2014)
Greentree Naturals (Sandpoint, ID)


Organic Gardening Workshop Harvesting the Bounty (Jul 14, 2014)
Greentree Naturals (Sandpoint, ID)

Harvesting the bounty: Discover techniques for optimum yields for vegetables, herbs, cut flowers and post harvest handling; how to get the most out of your garden harvest. We will also cover post-harvest handling to assure food safety guidelines are met. (...)

Organic Gardening Workshop Seed Saving (Jul 28, 2014)
Greentree Naturals (Sandpoint, ID)

Seed Saving: By saving seed from your garden, you can produce plants best suited to your specific site and micro-climate; we will discuss plant selection, hand pollination , seed cleaning and seed storage. (...)

Annual Field Day (Jul 31, 2014)
Washington State University Organic Farm (Pullman, WA)

Annual Field Day is open and free to the public. Visitors will receive a full farm tour including presentations on current research and new crops.