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Organic Pasture Fed - Natural environment raised -- Duck Eggs We are a certified organic farm and have 36 acres of fields that are producing alfalfa and forage for our ducks and goats. The ducks have a 5 acre field of grassland with a 100 by 120 foot pond. They spend a few hours a day in the pond to clean and feed. They spend the rest of the day eating on the pasture and sun bathing. When they get thirsty they have a clean water drip system from a 100 gallon freshwater tank and individual nipples fresh and clean. Our water comes from our clean low nitrate well water supply.

We are Members of the British Goat Society. Our herd includes a pure bred Gold Guernsey buck and many BGS registered Guernsey does. Our goat share membership helps support our Golden Guernsey Rescue Program. We also have Alpine, Saanen, Kinder and Oberhasli goats. By becoming a member at Evergreen Acres you are supporting the re-establishment of the endangered "Golden Guernsey" goats. The Golden Guernsey Goats are protected in the UK as the registered herd size in the British Goat Society (BGS) has dropped to under 500 breeding does. The reputation of the Golden Guernsey goat is similar to the Jersey cow. They both live on the British Channel islands and both produce top quality rich sweet milk from the grassy fields. The Golden Guernsey has distinctive long blond hair which protects them from the rain. The Golden Guernsey was originally bred in the British Channel islands off the coast of England and France between 1920 and 1950 originating from the original Guernsey goats crossed with European Nubians and Swiss Alpine breeds.

We also maintain a flock of chickens and ducks that provide a supply of healthy free range - pasture eggs.

In the US purebred Guernseys are not yet well known as they are in the fifth year of a mandatory six year breeding period required by the ADGA (American Dairy Goat Association) to establish the herd in the US. We are one of the US breeders of which there are only a few in California.


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Free Range- Organic feed- Fertilized

ducks Eggs /Chicken Eggs

salted duck eggs

Organic kefir Ginger beer (use Raw honey)

Organic Buckwheat Spout / Alfalfa Spout

Raw Honey ( Buckwheat/ Orange Blossom/ Clover...)

Schedule and Location:

San Jose, SF, palo Alto, Berkeley
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Schedule and Location:

You also can pick up at farm in south San Jose

4140 Cadwallader ave. San Jose, ca95121

Call 408-677-9557 for detail to set up wholesale account with us

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