Everona Dairy is a family owned and operated business locater in central virginia.We started out with some sheep for a boarder collie to heard. We decided to milk the sheep to try some soap,butter and cheese, and enjoyed the fresh products and animal husbandry aspect of farming.It wasn't long before local demand and increased heard size turned this hobby into a business. We now produce a variety of sheep baced products, although we are known for our artesional aged sheep milk cheese we also produce spreads,crackers,summer sausage,lamb,lamb pelts,socks,blankets,handmade crafts,soaps,and lotions. With most everything made in house we keep waste to a minimun and jobs local. We are always happy to give a farm tour and accomidate local schools and orginizations whenever possible

After trying numerous breeds we setteled on fresian sheep who had the temperment,milk production and reproductive qualities we were looking for. thease sheep are looked after by Julie,our polish tatra,who loves her job and looks after her girls.The boarder collies are still play an intergral role and love to get their chanse to work the sheep. As with any responsable farm we try to utlize everything from milk, wool,and pelts all the way to compost for our garden as being green is a way of life on a farm.


Listing last updated on Dec 30, 2008

Everona dairy ,a homested farm operation, is knowen for its Artesional unpasteurized aged sheep milk cheese which is high in vitimans and low in lactose (good and good for you) much like goats milk without the amino acid aftertaste. In addition we offer a variety of sheep baced products such as, soap , loation,summer sausage,rapidan spread,crackers,lamb,lamb pelts,socks,blankets,hand made crafts and gifts. our milkers are pastured and fed only alpha hay and local whole grain in winter.

Schedule and Location:

williamsburg farmers market ,saturday
charlottsville ,saturday
Dupont circle,sunday
Penn quarter ,thursday

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