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EverRanch Farm is home to a flock of Gotland Sheep, Shetland Sheep, Scottish Blackface Sheep, in addition to heritage breed turkeys and chickens, and assorted other livestock.

We sell breeding stock, pasture pets and fiber providers. The sheep are excellent lawn mowers and relish brush and blackberries. Our chickens and turkeys are pasture raised in a natural environment.

We offer naturally raised lamb, seasonally, pastured poultry and pork occasionally, and wool products all year 'round. We avoid excessive use of chemicals and drugs, however, follow our veterinarian's advice to maintain healthy animals. We're enrolled in the SFCP and are members of Washington Wool dot Net, the North American Shetland Sheep Association, and the Gotland Sheep Breeders Association of North America.

Listing last updated on Feb 20, 2012

EverRanch Farm is a leader in breeding up Gotland sheep in North America. Gotlands are a hardy, friendly, inquisitive breed of sheep from Sweden belonging to the Northern Short Tail group of sheep. They provide a medium grade of luster longwool outstanding for spinning and felting, soft and curly pelts, and outstanding flavored meat. We feature UK, New Zealand, and starting in 2012, Swedish bloodlines in our Gotland flock.

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