At Ewes Rule Farm, we raise our lambs and chicken with and humane treatment throughout ther lives. Our sheep, lambs and chickens are allowed to roam freely from there shelters to organic pastures where they graze at there leisure. The lambs are grass-fed only, while the chickens are given a feed mix. None of the lambs or chickens receive growth hormones,anti biotics or animal by products. We also have sheep milk cheeses available. These are artisanal style, with the milk coming coming from local farms. Please visit our web site for a listing of all our products.

Listing last updated on Dec 5, 2009

At Ewes RuleFarm, we feature grass-fed lamb and pastured chicken. All our pastures are organic, although not certified, they could be. We raise our lambs to 125 lbs. giving them the lean, tender and flavor you expect.

Schedule and Location:

Chippewa Falls,Wi Thurs. noon-6pm,saturdays 8am-2pm. may to october. Menomonie, Wi the second saturday november to april 9am-1pm. Off the farm every day 9am-7pm.

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