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Who We Are

Run by wife and husband team, Rachel and Dana, Falco's Heritage Farm has just recently moved to lush Washington. We farm here with our wonderful dogs: Gunner, Bella, Bear and Joutte. We are incredibly excited to farm in this beautiful part of the world where our patrons appreciate the care and concern that we afford to our animals, our water, our land, our air and (last but certainly not least) You!

When buying your poultry from Falco's, you support:

* the slow food movement local farmers and local businesses (i.e.: Black Lake Nursery & Feed, Patriot Feed and numerous other local businesses) * a better, true poultry taste - not the mushy, marshmallow texture and flavor of grocery store birds * true free-range, pastured poultry, raised in a natural environment, on fresh pasture daily * Non GMO grains (i.e. no tax payer subsidized, genetically engineered corn and soy) * Animal centered welfare practices * Healthy, natural bird growth rates * Holistically focused farm * "Better than organic Practices" - We are not certified organic. (We have considered the certification process and determined it was too cost prohibitive) * No factory-styled, industrial farming. We really are the picture you see on all those "farm-raised" advertisements. * We are a: no antibiotics, no hormones, no chemical de-wormers, no bleach farm

What We Believe

We have absolutely no desire to get any bigger. Our sole desire is to produce the best poultry in the world and heal. Healing our patrons, our birds, our water, our air, our land and our community is the reason we get up in the morning and work as hard as we do everyday. We steward our farm to manage all aspects the right, respectful, sustainable, holistic and healthy way.

The deliberate veil that industrial agriculture and big government has been dropped over our eyes as consumers of poultry is astounding. Not, per say the veil, but what it is hiding. From the way the birds are raised, to the what they eat and are treated with, to how they are processed, facilitates a drastic deviation for our farm.

Alternatively, the way Falco's approaches the raising of our birds, what we feed them, how we treat them and how we process them matters to us. Every aspect of our farm management process has been approached in a holistic way. We consider the health, wellbeing, treatment and effect of our poultry on the birds themselves, our patrons, our community, our water, our land and our air.


Listing last updated on Mar 20, 2014

We currently are at $4.99 per pound for our chicken and the average bird's dressed weight is 4 1/2 lbs after 12 weeks of true free range, pastured living. Turkey is$7.99 per lb the average bird's dressed weight is 22-26 lbs for a large turkey and 14-18 lbs for a small turkey after 20 weeks of pastured living. And $6.49 per pound for our Duck and the average bird's dressed weight for a large duck is 5 1/2 lbs and a small duck 4 lbs after 11 weeks of true free ranging.

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