Farm-Fresh, Custom Processed Lamb

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Farm-Fresh, Custom Processed Lamb

Whole or Half Lambs available. USDA inspected. Custom Processed, any type cuts you want, vacuum packaged, frozen and labeled.

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 Whole Lamb $327.00  Qty:
 Half a Lamb $163.50  Qty:

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The Suffolk sheep breed is a meat-type breed, known for its good muscling and rapid growth. Our lambs are 6 to 10 months old when processed.

Your whole lamb can be processed any way you want. Examples:

2 Rear Legs -- each processed as a leg roast, boneless roast, leg steaks, or something else.

2 Sirloins -- processed as a roast, boneless roast, steaks, etc.

Rib Chops or Rib Roast -- suggest 1 to 1.5 in. thick chops

Loin Chops or a Loin Roast -- 1 to 1.5 in. thick chops

Or, a Crown Rack of Lamb -- for that special dinner party.

2 Front Legs -- roast, boneless roast, or arm and blade chops.

Can have any part cut-up as lamb kabobs for a stew, or ground lamb for juicy lamb burgers, or as lamb sausage.

You get Neck Slices, shanks, also get back all the organ meat, and even the head.

We will salt down the hide, takes 6-8 weeks to cure, then you send the hide to Bucks County Fur Products, Quakerstown, PA.

Example: whole lamb, 120-130 lbs., with a hanging wt. of 60-65 lbs., at $4.40 lb., based on the hanging weight, plus the flat rate $85.00 butcher shop cost.

Lamb 60 to 65 lb. hanging wt. x $4.40 lb. = $264.00 to $286.00, flat rate $85.00 butcher shop cost. Total: $349.00 to $371.00 whole lamb.

A half lamb would be in the range of $174.00 to $185.00, including the butcher shop cost.

Why a bit more -- our Suffolk lambs grow faster, are 6-10 months old, and finish out at 120-130 lbs. or more. Other breeds are processed at 90 to 110 lbs -- with 45-55 lb hanging wts.

Lambs are born in the Spring, are 6-10 months old, raised on both grass and grain-fed, no growth hormones, just good feed and management. We raise Suffolk breed sheep (black faces), known for their good muscling and rapid growth. Lambs are sold by the live weight, processed at Hemp's Meats, 3730 Jefferson Pike, in Jefferson, MD 21755.

We only sell whole or half lambs. Do not sell individual cuts.

Lambs are USDA inspected, properly aged in the cooler for 9 days, custom-processed, can provide any type of cuts wanted, portion controlled, vacuum pack and labeled. Suggest live weights in the 110 to 140 lb. range. Customer gets everything back.

Hemp's charges a flat rate of $85.00 to process a whole lamb.

In the Spring and early Summer, smaller 70-90 lb. lambs available for a BBQ.

Customer picks-up their finished product at Hemp's Meats, 3730 Jefferson Pike, Jefferson, MD 21755. Use Mapquest.