Farm Fresh Eggs (1 Doz)

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Farm Fresh Eggs (1 Doz)

From truly free range hens, these eggs are the real deal!

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Cognito farm eggs are produced by hens that are integrated into our multi-layered farming practices. These hens spend their days foraging and roaming freely. They lay their eggs in movable roosting and nesting houses that we locate near where our cows are grazing, and where they spend the night safely out of reach of predators.

In addition to great eggs, these hens provide a valuable service by eating insects, fly larvae and other pests that would damage our pastures and pester and create health problems with our cows. This allows us to avoid more industrial farming practices like using pesticides on our pastures and chemical parasite and fly control on our cows.

The hens also do a fine job of spreading fresh cow pies in the pasture so we don't have to spend time and diesel "dragging" our pastures to spread the manure ourselves.

Cognito Farm sells naturally grown local food for farm or local farmers market pick up only. Our commitment is to to local and sustainable agriculture, so we do not ship our products.

Our goal is to provide humanely raised, safe and clean food free of hormones, antibiotics or other un-natural additives. Although we are not certified organic producers, we strive to go beyond organic production standards to ensure only the most nutritious and eco-friendly foods.

Cognito Farm "Naturally Fresh!"