Farm Fresh Eggs - not available 'til may 2010

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Farm Fresh Eggs - not available 'til may 2010

Farm fresh brown eggs from our happy hens - $2 dozen

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We keep a small flock of hens on our farm. They are accidentally 'free range' because of holes in the chicken wire. It's a good arrangement for all. I let them out of the hen house each morning and feed them layer crumbles, and they wander the yard and woods eating whatever they find.

I gather from 5 to 12 eggs a day. Since my goal is to have enough eggs for my family and some extra to sell locally, the supply varies. Please call or email for availability. 706.252.1919 or Since I work in town, pick-up can be arranged for after work if needed.

As with all farms, sometimes we produce more than we can reasonably consume. We do give away to our family, but they can only eat so much and live some distance away. The products here were produced on our farm. Occasionally when we pick local fruit and make jelly, we have excess. Aside from the sugar, all other ingredients come from near our home. We also pickle hot peppers and make "dill pickles" from zucchini.