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Farm to Family Foods is helping sustain family run farms and independent, regionally based food producers by building robust and reliable markets for their locally grown and produced foods. It offers food growers and processors new ways to reach consumers living a few hours driving distance from their farms and rural communities, and provides them with services that aggregate, package and distribute their products to schools, institutions, restaurants and other food services merchandisers.

Farm to Family Foods also helps consumers and managers of food service enterprises. These customers are finding that the Farm to Family brand on foods and portion controlled packages assures them affordable ways to eat healthy foods produced in accordance with principles that conserve farmland, identify growers, and celebrate the unique characteristics of local food systems.

As a social enterprise committed to linking rural and urban communities throughout the St. Louis Food Shed, Farm to Family works to encourage consumption of fresh produce in the region. Its team of logistics and food safety experts, food processors, drivers, service managers, quality assurance specialists and sales associates provide ways for customers to benefit from the economies and efficiencies of scale achieved by a regionally focused food distributor and co-packer/processor. The company has three divisions focused on food distribution, food processing and food sales:

There are three divisions to this company:

Distribution: Farm to Family gathers fresh produce and locally grown or locally made food products for sale to businesses and institutions throughout the St. Louis region. Processing: Farm to Family Foods prepares, packages, freezes and processes locally grown foods for sale to local businesses and institutions.

Mobile Market: Farm to Family Foods Mobile Market sells fresh, healthy and locally grown foods as well as basic grocery items to residents of communities that have few if any groceries within easy reach of their residents. This service is offered in collaboration with local public health clinics, senior residences, and neighborhood centers. It encourages customers to learn about how to eat wisely and well.


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Schedule and Location:

We are open everyday (except Christmas and New Years Day) 7 am- 9 pm, Sundays 7 am-8 pm.
We are located at 8400 Watson Road, St. Louis, Missouri 63119

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