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My name is Niti and I am the mother of 3 amazing souls. I started this modified CSA program because I needed to find a way to receive nutrient dense GMO FREE mob grazed and high foraged meats, day trip seafood and beyond organic produce sustainably produced locally all year round. After battling cancer with my 2 year old daughter, I established that conventional foods were not something I would offer my family anymore. I realized that this was not possible unless I went out to verify all the farms and collect my REAL FOOD from REAL FARMS myself.

During my travels from farm to farm I learned that many of the farms that were feeding my family might soon be driven out of business due to lack of sales. Driving around to the farms is quite a chore and there were simply not enough folks willing to do that. Local Farmers Markets were also failing the farmers since there are limits on how many producers are able to participate in each market. Without a market close by, the farmers did not have enough time to run the farm and manage sales off the farm efficiently. This would result in their selling their farms. Did you know that 20% of all North Carolina farmers stop farming every year?

Since I knew my husband and I were in no position to start farming ourselves I wanted to figure out a way to protect my nutrient dense food sources. I decided I needed to offer these nutrient dense local sustainable foods we were enjoying to more families on a regular basis year round by bringing the food closer to them every week. I partnered with farmers who were practicing the type of livestock and produce production that met the high standards I wanted to maintain for my family. I believed that the farmers needed our help, they were in crisis and frankly, so were we! We need a community of people to work together for sustainability to thrive.

My mission now is to save REAL FARMS in my hunting range while providing our community with REAL FOOD. Please join my meat riot and vote 3 times a day with your fork.

If you are interested in SOY & GMO FREE, mob grazed, high foraged meats, eggs and dairy products as well as day trip seafood and beyond organic produce that is grown using integrated pest management systems, this is the CSA for you!

Even Whole Foods knows they can not offer the standard of meats I am offering with so few farms producing food this way so they support my CSA by partnering with me for distribution. They also support us by offering my farm partners and I tremendous support with various projects we tackle throughout the year.

My CSA is unique in that you can come to shop for your food in our CSA Distribution Location 5 days a week. You may also order everything a la carte rather than receiving a pre-done box or package filled with items you may or may not find palatable, for faster pick up. You can avoid purchasing a large amount of one animal to store for a season and enjoy a greater variety of species in shopping this way. The caveat is that you are required to place a minimum $10 order every week.

I make it easy for you to get local meats, seafood, produce and sustainably produced nutrient dense gluten free baked goods. After 5 years of operating out of my garage I finally have a CSA Distribution Location and Learning Center in North Raleigh which is open 5 days a week. Come and visit us at 2800-142 Sumner Blvd. Raleigh, NC 27616. The hours are Tuesday-Friday from 12 noon to 7 pm. Saturday we are open from 10am - 2pm. We do not ship outside our hunting range, as we believe it is best to eat meats and produce raised in your geographic location.

We offer mob grazed beef, lamb, rose veal, goat and mutton. We also have high foraged soy and GMO FREE pork, chicken, duck and heritage breed turkeys. We offer high foraged, SOY FREE, GMO FREE milk fed duck and chicken eggs. You will also find Mob grazed, SOY and GMO FREE butter, gluten free baked breads and nutrient dense paleo style gluten free baked snacks made with simple ingredients and SO MUCH MORE! We offer the most amazing day trip NC Seafood that arrives FRESH, NEVER FROZEN twice every week from Oak Island, NC! Our wild caught seafood is all line caught and delivered FRESH, only 2-4 days out of the water unlike other commercially wild caught seafood, which is a month old by the time the boats come to shore.

We have a large variety of value added products such as Canadian bacon, a long list of sausages, mob grazed ALL BEEF & SUGAR FREE hotdogs, salami, pastrami, roast beef, the list goes on. All our value added products are NITRATE FREE and FREE of any fillers or preservatives.

Please check our website for full availability of offerings and visit often as the menu changes every week.

Farming Practices: All our food is antibiotic & chemical free and is raised in natural habitats where the animals mob graze or forage in rich pastures and wooded areas. Omnivores are supplemented with GMO & SOY FREE certified organic feed.

All meats are processed in USDA approved processing facilities. Our produce is tested several times a month by the NCDA to ensure that there is no chemical residue in any of our food. I do not believe in requiring our farmers to pay the outrageous FDA organic certification fees since my CSA members can go and look my farmer partners in the eyes and ask them how they manage their farm anytime they wish to see if the farm meets the standards they require for their family.

I charge $25.00 /mo. for you to source the most nutrient dense toxic free locally raised meats, produce, seafood, dairy products and baked goods in the Triangle each week. You are supporting our farmers 100%. My CSA fee covers the cost of distribution & the expense to run the on-line store. This monthly fee is equal to or less than a months worth of your sales tax at a conventional grocery store averaging only $6.25 a week.

If you are CrossFit, following a Paleo/Primal/(Whatever you wish to name it)Meat & Veggies focused lifestyle or simply cook fresh meals at least 3-5 days a week you will absolutely enjoy this program. This CSA is not designed for vegans or vegetarians.

There is no contract to join, the memberships run month to month, however I do not encourage anyone to join my CSA for only one item. For example, if you only want to get eggs, bread and cheese- this program is NOT FOR YOU. My program has been designed to service families that are working hard to source ALL or the majority of their food from conscious GMO FREE farmers and local producers and do not have the ability to travel to these limited farms on a regular basis.

I look forward to helping to nourish your family, Niti


Listing last updated on Aug 29, 2014

We are a modified 3rd Party CSA. We charge $25.00/mo. to source SOY & GMO free, mob grazed and high foraged meats, dairy, beyond organic produce, day trip wild caught seafood & much more each week. You support these producers 100%. Our CSA fee averages $6.25 a week to cover the cost of distribution & is equal or less than a months worth of your sales taxes at a grocery store. JOIN TODAY! No contract- membership is month-2-month and runs ALL YEAR ROUND.

Season:  January through January

Type:  3rd party CSA service

Since:  2009

# of Shares:  500

Full Share:  $25/month CSA fee to participate. $10 weekly minimum order required.

Work Req?  No

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