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The mission of the Farmer-Veteran Coalition (FVC) is to mobilize veterans to feed America. The catalyst behind the formation of FVC has been the observation of two merging powerful forces over recent years: first, an aging farming community in critical need of young farmers; and second, the high unemployment rates and lack of viable career opportunities among American veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is at this intersection of socioeconomic needs that FVC is uniquely qualified to help. America's agricultural community needs our veterans as much as they need us.

FVC was founded by farmers and food industry leaders with long histories in overcoming the agricultural, managerial, financial, and marketing obstacles present in the agricultural industry. The goal of FVC is to share our experiences with recent military veterans and to assist them in using their many relevant skills to create a new generation of innovative, ecological, and financially successful farmers. Our program has the ability to help veterans reduce risk and become successful farmers by utilizing resources available to help military veterans start businesses, buy land, or overcome disabilities

The Farmer-Veteran Coalition aspires to reach 0.5% of all veterans (10,000) that have left the service in the past decade and introduce them to opportunities in the agricultural industry, as well as support those veterans already involved in the agricultural industry. FVC provides veterans with informational resources on beginning farming operations (e.g. links/contacts for appropriate federal programs, apprenticeships/internships), educational retreats and conferences, mentorships, and when available, small grants.

The individuals that FVC seeks to provide services to include:

Veterans, with or without previous farming history, who are pursuing a career in farming, seeking mentorships, or developing support networks. Veterans who are pursuing education in agriculture at 2 or 4 year institutions, with help from their GI bills. Veterans who are looking for work in agriculture to support themselves and their families and gain experience and knowledge before starting a farm of their own. Disabled veterans who are seeking internship positions, to obtain training and a peaceful environment to heal from their war experience. Veterans that grew up on family farms and came home with war-related injuries and need extra help getting back into farming careers.

Please contact FVC if you have any questions, would like to learn more about our organization or would like to get involved.


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