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Farmers Market Fairy is a complete personal shopping service that delivers organic produce from the best farmers markets in Los Angeles. What makes Farmers Market Fairy unique and different from Los Angeles CSA produce boxes and other organic produce box delivery services is that it goes one step further. Farmers Market Fairy produce delivery service personalizes every order of organic produce for each client. If you can't find the time in your hectic schedule to get to your favorite farmers market or if you happen to be overwhelmed by the process of shopping at farmers markets but still want to eat local and organic produce, Farmers Market Fairy is the perfect way to have organic produce in Los Angeles delivered to your home. (

In today's day and age, buying local and organic produce is so important. An increasing number of people want to live a green life style, but are still going to grocery stores where food has been shipped from all over the country and is at times genetically engineered or without key nutrients and flavor. Farmers Market Fairy produce delivery service will take your grocery list and magically deliver local and organic produce to your home! There are far too many to mention, but here are the names of just a few of the local Farms that Farmers Market Fairy supports; Rocky Canyon Farm in Paso Robles, Green Farm in Lompoc, McGrath Farms in Camarillo, Weiser Family Farms, Mud Creek Ranch, Harry's Berries in Oxnard, Tutti Frutti Farms in Lompoc, and Schaner Farms. Not only do Los Angeles Farmers Markets sell organic fruits and vegetables, but they also sell the highest quality eggs, meats, poultry, fish, bread, and cheeses from local farms. These products are available to order from Farmers Market Fairy produce delivery service as well. (

Here's how it works. You can put together your own list of organic produce that you would like to have delivered. Unlike Los Angeles CSA's or organic vegetable box delivery services, you get to choose what you want- when you want it. If you have a recipe you are following, maybe have strong likes and dislikes, or perhaps you are having a dinner party, simply tell Farmers Market Fairy produce delivery service what you need. There is also a list of available items to choose from on the website, which is updated on a regular basis to reflect the organic produce of each season. Farmers Market Fairy produce delivery service can also help you come up with a list that will be the right size for you (and your family) if you are unsure of how much you need. (

How much does it cost? When you use Farmers Market Fairy produce delivery service, you will pay for the cost of the organic produce you have ordered as well as a delivery fee ranging from $20-30, depending on the size of your order and the location for delivery. If you have a budget in mind, Farmers Market Fairy can stick to that budget. Receipts for items purchased will be provided as well as an itemized invoice. Additional trips to boutique butchers, seafood markets, and wine shops are also available at $10 for each additional stop. No more driving around from store to store! (

Farmers Market Fairy produce delivery service is always flexible. You are never committed to a weekly or biweekly organic produce delivery schedule. Orders can be placed as late as 10pm the night before a farmers market. (

For additional information about Farmers Market Fairy organic produce and delivery service, visit the official website, email or call 213-304-8682. (


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Farmers Market Fairy offers personal shopping & home delivery of local and organically grown produce from the best farmers markets in Los Angeles. Slightly different than regular CSA/produce box delivery services, each order is personalized based on clients' preferences/needs & hand picked to ensure that you get the finest produce from the best vendors. Eggs, meats, poultry, & fish also available from select markets. Orders can be placed as late as 10pm the night before a market.

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