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If I am asked about my work I say: I sculpt with wool and needles not I needle felt. My medium is wool and my tools are needles. The work is sculpting. Inside each piece is a very densely formed frame that is my attempt to convey the skeletal structure and musculature of the animal I am sculpting (from photos, but sometimes from my mind screen). I prefer not to create the impression of an anatomically correct animal upon which is draped colored wool. I do not condemn that practice at all; rather I am, here, explaining my approach to sculpting with wool. I continue to learn as I create!

I've been sculpting since I was a child playing in the clay deposits of the creek near my home. I worked in clay for many years but was constantly frustrated with the problems associated with making animals stand on legs. When I married into my current husband's family and was faced with the fact that 16 or so Suffolk sheep fleeces were thrown into a ditch each year, I took up needle felting. Now I sculpt with wool!! I use primarily Suffolk/Hampshire wool because of its wonderful needle felting capacity. The best I've ever used, I must say.

It's so exciting to watch an animal take shape under the needle. And because I can create very dense legs, the animals stand up. What a relief! The results are magic for me to behold.

My favorite work is making sculpture portraits of people's pets. In addition, I enjoy creating wildlife sculptures, whether they are particular to me or my clients.

There is a pleasant exchange of energy in the creation of the animals and in the relationships I develop with clients. I am grateful to offer my work for sale.

I also spin wool from the Suffolks and from various other sheep I have or fleeces that are gifted to me: Jacob Sheep, Cotswold, Llama, Icelandic, etc.


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From the wool of our Suffolk and Jacob sheep, I sculpt pet portraits and other animals.

Other products available from our wool: Handspun yarns: natural colors and dyed Jacob and Suffolk. Washed & Carded natural and dyed wool for needle felting and spinning, by the oz.

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