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Farmhouse is the "ORIGINAL" USA hydroponic greenhouse grower of heirloom beefsteak tomatoes. Farmhouse Tomatoes grows heirloom tomatoes 10 months a year at (2) greenhouse locations in Palm Beach County, Florida. Harvest begins November and continues though June Our growing operations are certified for food safety annual scoring "superior" ratings. Both certification audits are conducted by Primas Labs and Florida state T-Gap The environmentally controlled greenhouses total 160,000 sqft with over 40,000 plants. Annual availability is late October through June for gourmet retail, food service companies, farmer's markets and local restaurants. Our search for the most (3) flavorful beefsteak varieties are from the athentic famliy heirloom tomatoes grown from seeds handed down from generation to generation for over 100 years. The seeds we use produce fruit that look and taste like those tomatoes grown years ago. RED BRANDYWINE beefsteak from the Brandywine River region of Pennsylvania. Legendary for it's exceptional rich, succulent, tomato flavor, it's fruit is reddish pink with light, creamy flesh. CHEROKEE PURPLE pre-1800 Tennessee beefsteak originated from the Cherokee Indian Tribe. Sweet and rich in flavor with slightly ridged shoulders and a dusky-rose purple appearance. GOLD MEDAL gold-red bicolor beefsteak from Germany arrived in the U.S. in the 1800's. When sliced, it has a red marbeling through the golden tomato. It's fruit has an outstanding sweet flavor that is low in acid. PLUS>>>>(8) more beefsteak and cocktail size varieties available. Thank you for supporting farmers in the USA! FLAVOR FIRST!!!!!


Listing last updated on Jan 9, 2013

FARMHOUSE HEIRLOOM TOMATOES FLAVOR FIRST! GREENHOUSE GROWN FOOD SAFETY CERTIFIED Shipping (11) varieties of beefsteak and cocktail sized heirloom tomatoes. Available from NOVEMBER through JUNE; Farm direct sales: Gourmet Retail Chain(s), Wholesale food service, Farmer's Markets, gift shipping and local restaurants..

Schedule and Location:

Mid October - Late April
West Palm Beach, FL (SATURDAYS) 8am-1pm
City of Parkland, FL (alt.SUNDAYS) 9am-1pm
Farm Direct sales FOB to national distributers
Product Availability November through June

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