Farmstead Meatsmith

Farmstead Meatsmith is a personal abattoir, butchery and charcuterie service for small farms and homesteads in the Puget Sound region. We specialize in educating farmers in the preparation of their animals for full culinary use, from grass to butcher block to table.

We practice traditional methods of slaughter, butchery and charcuterie. Therefore, our focus is to ensure that nothing is wasted. Each step of the process reflects this goal, resulting in what is simultaneously the most delicious and thrifty option for filling your larder.

Working with each farmer, we arrange slaughter, butchery and charcuterie classes using her or his livestock. Farmers reduce their processing costs while extending educational opportunities to their communities. Please call or email us to be added to our newsletters announcing these classes. Thank you and Happy Grazing!

Listing last updated on Apr 1, 2013

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After reviewing the videos Brandon offers on his website, I finally attended one of his classes in Yakima. I already had experience in slaughtering and butchering, however it was with the wasteful method of skinning and using a band saw.... [more]

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