Bulk Dried Lavender Buds - Wedding Toss

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Bulk Dried Lavender Buds - Wedding Toss

Dried Lavender Buds for WEDDINGS, CRAFTING, GIFTS -Grown organically, Guaranteed to be Super Clean and Fragrant

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Crafters and Brides love the fragrance of our lavender, which is sweet and strong, and recommend us to their friends.Our organically grown and hand harvested lavender buds are super clean without any debris, leaves, twigs or dirt. Lavender toss or favors are a wonderful way to remember a special day. Seal your memory with the fragrance of lavender.

EQUIVALENTS: 1 lb of dried lavender equals approximately 15 cups (full 1 gallon ziplock bag) and equals to 25-30 handsfull or 30-32 3" x 4" sachets

1/4 lb of lavender equals about 4 cups of the fragrant buds and will fill twelve, or more, 3" x 4" sachets.

For our lavender buds we chose premium Lavandula x intermedia 'Grosso', a French lavender, 100% naturally grown without chemicals on our farm in Sequim, Washington.

IDEAS: You can mix lavender buds with rice or buckwheat (healthier for the birds) to throw at the couple

Fill small cotton pillows with lavender for heating up in microwave.

Lavender can fill pretty sachets or be tied into handkerchiefs and placed in drawers or closets to repel insects.

Lavender can be steeped like tea in boiling water and added to bath to create a soothing, calming experience.

Lavender can be added to pets' pillows to repel fl

Our gifts are hand-crafted at our homestead from the finest natural ingredients and contain no chemicals or preservatives, just the natural goodness.

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