Felton Acres

Felton Acres is a small farm located just west of Sebastopol, CA. We manage several parcels of land in an attempt to extract a food resource while building the fertility and topsoil of the parcels under our care. Our meat chickens are raised in Salatin-style bottomless pens that are moved daily. We have a bunch of egg-layer coops built on old flatbed trailers, sheep and goats that are moved frequently to keep them foraging as they evolved to do.

I believe in diversity and using livestock to build fertility instead of importing it. The welfare and stress free lifestyle of our livestock is my top priority.

My customers rave about the food I produce. Please look at my website and read the testimonials. If you are in my local area I'd be honored to produce some wholesome food for you.

Listing last updated on Feb 21, 2012

Pasture-fed chickens, lamb, goat, and pork are available for sale directly to individuals. Eggs are in Whole Foods and Andy's in Sebastopol, and further afield when supply allows. Details like the schedule, pricing, and availability are on our website.

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During chicken season, I get two chickens and two dozen eggs twice a month for our family. Our young sons eat a lot of hard boiled eggs for lunch, and we don't want to worry about how they're farmed.... [more]

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