We are a new market sponsored by the Southern Humboldt Farmers' Market Association. This is our second season, and we are already getting more vendors. We are one of the earliest markets on the Northcoast. We hold our market every Saturday from 10-1 from May 5th through October 27th. We allow only certifiable products so far(i.e. no crafts etc), however we are continually gaiing new vendors. Our newest addition this year is Aqua Rodeo Oyster Farm! We are sponsoring live music an demonstartion days, as well as giving away a free bounty basket at every market. We hold a farm tour in September, as well as several other 'aggie' and 'enviro' events. Come on down and check it out!

Listing last updated on May 10, 2007

Sunny, high clouds, blue skies-smiles as big as crescent moons, hugs, laughter-speaking with your farmer face-to-face about the tomotoes he just picked this morning, knowing that your body is free of pesticides, knowing your body is full of recycled local energy...These are all the qualities our market features. All of which are priceless.

Schedule and Location:

Downtown Ferndale (The Victorian Village of Ferndale), on the corner of Francis St. and Main St. between USBank and the Victorian Inn. Every Saturday from 10am-1pm

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High Quality, Locally grown, Produce without inflated prices. Good Neighborly attitude

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