Feverfew Herb / Organic Tea

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Feverfew Herb / Organic Tea

Feverfew tea is one of the most common holistic or healing teas.

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Feverfew herb treats a variety of conditions and ailments and is very beneficial. Feverfew plants and leaves are used to treat and relieve migraine headaches. It takes about two weeks of drinking feverfew tea or taking feverfew supplements and capsules to enjoy the relief. Feverfew often works for patients who do not have success with prescription medication for migraine relief. Feverfew plants contain a natural substance that mimics corticosteroid cortisone. It is very effective in relieving pain and suffering associated with rheumatoid arthritis. It is anti inflammatory, and has sedative effects making it a useful alternative for treating arthritis naturally.

Feverfew may help to treat migraine headaches; relieves arthritic pain and inflammation; can treat hay fever and allergies; may help reduce fevers; may help regulate menstruation; may help ease menstrual cramping; Feverfew is used to relieve common cold symptoms.

Side Effects:

Feverfew and pregnancy do not mix. Do not take or ingest feverfew if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or for use by children. It also encourages menstruation, which is something no pregnant woman wants. It is recommended that the use of feverfew be avoided if there is allergic reaction to ragweed, daisies, chamomile, chrysanthemums, or yarrow. Avoid the use of Feverfew if you are on blood thinners or anti-inflammatory drugs.

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