Feverfew seeds - Medicinal herb

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Feverfew seeds - Medicinal herb

This plant, also known as Tanaceta parthenium or Chrysanthemum parthenium is a perennial herb that grows from 9 to 24 inches high.

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Hardy perennial. Sun or part shade. Sow in spring or summer.

The Feverfew plant is a little known plant with small daisy-like flowers. It has been used for generations in herbal medicines very effectively. This little plant is not only attractive in the garden, but is a very potent medicine.

This herb is a very effective remedy for headaches and migraines. Studies show that it may also lessen the frequency of headaches and migraines with regular usage.

This plant has shown that it has anti-inflammatory properties that may be more effective than aspirin. This herb, unfortunately, doesn't seem to be of any help once a migraine has manifested. Its greatest benefit is through regular, preventative use.

Because of its anti-inflammatory qualities, it has been used successfully to relieve the pain and inflammation of arthritis.

The feverfew plant has also been used to lower blood pressure and to stimulate the appetite and aid the digestive system.

Besides headaches, migraines and arthritis, feverfew has been found to be helpful against fevers, muscle pain and tension, stomach irritation, colitis, dizziness and tinnitus. Reference: natural-herbal-remedies-advice.

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