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Short: Fields Without Fences cultivates native and medicinal fruit, berries, herbs, vegetables, and wild edibles within an innovative regenerative design framework. Our certified organic small farm combines cultivation, ecological restoration, and habitat creation. Fields Without Fences follows a philosophy of deep ecology rooted in the functionality and balance of natural systems.

About: Fields Without Fences approaches agriculture from an holistic perspective combining cultivation with ecological restoration. Our young mixed orchard produces diverse native, medicinal, and heirloom varieties of fruit, herbs, vegetables, and wild edibles. These species are cultivated side by side within a naturalized perennial system that is designed for successional reforestation.

Our process of restorative production aims to initiate healing and regeneration across this historically farmed and degraded landscape, while simultaneously yielding productive crops for consumption. Crops are planted to mimic the natural successional establishment of a forest in composition and architecture, with each successive season bringing new species to bare. Fields Without Fences utilizes a permaculture design approach to regenerating landscapes which thrives on the innate interconnectivity and holistic function of healthy ecosystems. This spirit of interconnectivity extends toward our ultimate vision and mission for the organization. We are motivated by complementary agendas focused on healing diverse landscapes, and restoring deeper connections with the natural world.

Through thoughtful design, our 10 acre site has undergone a marked transformation from a once severely degraded, historically farmed, neglected landscape to a thriving, evolving, complex ecosystem producing quality, nutrient dense, plant food and medicine while providing home to a myriad of wildlife and insect populations. Our approach to cultivation is motivated by a philosophical position that recognizes the inherent worth of all living creatures, and is concerned with improving the overall well being of an interconnected ecology.


Listing last updated on Apr 8, 2014

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Fields Without Fences currently sells through, an online retail farmer's market run by an incredible group of volunteers and growers. If you are within driving distance to the Long Valley, NJ area, consider purchasing local produce, meats, cheeses, and products through this amazing outlet.

Visit to learn more about purchasing wholesale products from Fields Without Fences.

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