Fillmore Farms - Your Source for Great Organic Walnuts

Gridley, California
Family Farm

Fillmore Farms - Your Source for Great Organic Walnuts

Our walnuts are grown in Northern California, one of the top English Walnut growing regions in the world. We are a certified organic grower. Our walnut trees thrive from organic compost and other organic soil amendments. We also foliar feed the trees several times each year. This combined with other organic, earth friendly, common sense farming practices has produced clean, high yielding orchards. Our onsite cold storage ensures excellent quality and availability year around.

Listing last updated on Dec 5, 2014

Fillmore Farms - Family Farming at Its BEST!

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When I opened the box and actually saw these nuts, my jaw dropped--WOW! They were ALL the same beautiful color, not like what I've purchased for years from local stores, which always have darker nuts (suspicious--always looked like they mixed in leftovers from previous years, and rancid, and I had to go thru and remove all the darker, bitter, rancid ones and discard them).... [more]

After contemplating buying 7 lbs of Walnuts, for a day or two, we decided to get them After all, they were cheaper per pound, than most other organic walnuts.... [more]

I ordered 7lbs of walnuts in December and was impressed with quick delivery and the most gorgeous walnuts I have ever seen. I thought 7lbs would last a long time so I shared them with a few friends who were also impressed.... [more]

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