Finger Lakes Dexter Creamery

We raise purebred Dexter cattle, a heritage breed. Dexters are very small by nature, easy to handle and retain strong genetics. We make cheese from Dexter milk. We sell cattle, and we sell cheese! We are the first legal Dexter dairy in the US! The cheese we make is called Kefir Cheese. It is made with natural occuring probiotic kefir grains, not factory made kefir starters. The difference is that there are many more friendly bacteria in kefir grains than there are in manufactured versions. Kefir grains cannot be man made, they are not processed, they have been passed down for generations within several different ethnic groups. This cheese is the only one of it's kind produced in the US. It is a farmstead, artisanal, raw milk cheese, aged for 60 days or more. It has a natural washed rind and can range from semi-soft to hard cheese for grating. Dexter milk is thick, rich with butterfat and very creamy!!! We are certified Animal Welfare Approved. Thank you for visiting our store!

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We milk 6 Dexter cows. Our cattle are pastured, and never confined. They are given hay and alfalfa in off pasture months, and never given vacinations, antibiotics, or anything unnatural. We are certified Animal Welfare Approved. Our milkers are basically house cows, and the calves continue to nurse while we harvest milk for 5-6 months. We believe dairying should be humane, and our goal is to produce healthy cattle, and to set a new sustainable example for dairying for the local economy.

Schedule and Location:

Ithaca Farmers Market
Sundays from 10 am to 3 pm
Steamboat Landing,
Ithaca, NY 14850

Schedule and Location:

We sell our cheese here at the farm!
Best to call ahead...315-364-3581 or email...
Finger Lakes Dexter Creamery
1853 Black Rock Road
King Ferry, NY 13081

Kefir cheese
Our cheese is the first and only probiotic, raw milk Kefir cheese handcrafted with living kefir grains. Enjoy!!


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I had expected a rather tart cheese like the kefir milk I drink but it was very mild! It kept very well on a trip I went on as well. I also like the devotion and care they give their animals; this makes a difference where I buy my dairy as well.... [more]

Believe me, I was hesitant to order this cheese. As a raw goat milk kefir drinker, I was not sure the cheese would be as good. WAS I WRONG! This is very pleasant, a tiny bit 'tangy' as you would expect but it is so good by itself and I can imagine with about anything.... [more]

I received part of my very first order from LocalHarvest today. The part received was this kefir cheese.

I couldn't wait to try it. It glided onto a cracker with the greatest of ease.... [more]

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