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We've been establishing a small family hobby farm, trying to prove 1 acre can feed a family and a community. We are coming close to producing more then enough to survive, with a sustainable philosophy, organic procedures and keeping our neighbors and community involved.

We raise banty size chickens, for miniature healthy free range eggs. We also have fruit trees, we will begin to offer apples and peaches in 2011. Currently we have spring onions, yellow squash, zucchini and baby lettuce. We have 8oz jars of fresh organic jams and jellies starting at $6 a jar. Fresh herbs are available from spring until fall, dried herbs available in the winter. All summer long we offer pesticide free flower arrangements. You can purchase individual bouquets or make larger orders for events of your business as a discount.

Our family believes in working with the earth, and size doesn't matter. With love and attention there is no limit to what can produced.

Listing last updated on Jun 15, 2010

We are too small to be certified organic yet. But we are more then happy to show you everything we do to our flowers, veggies and fruits.

Schedule and Location:

Saturday 8am to 1pm
"Fuquay Fresh Market" Hwy 401 "Soil Toppers Inc"
Next to Light Entry to the New Kohl's Shopping Center

Any private orders that aren't delivered can be picked up that day at that location.

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