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We are a family raising poultry, bees and pigs to provide healthy and humane foods for our family and friends following permaculture ethics (Care for the Earth, Care for People and Return of Surplus). We raise heritage breed chickens fed non GMO and organic feeds, completely treatment free bee colonies and meadow and forest raised heritage hogs. Our birds forage on pasture and in the woods in a rotational grazing system. We don't use any GMOs, drugs or chemicals. We share chicken meat through pre-ordered "chicken shares" and often have extra eggs available. We also share honey through a share program, sell lip balm made from contaminant free beeswax from our treatment free hives and organic virgin coconut oil, we sell Black Copper Marans chicks and hatching eggs. We also offer "hog shares" of our heritage breed hogs raised on pasture and in the woods for nutrient dense, rich meat with healthy fats.

One of our goals is to create a poultry community in our area, helping others get started with their own flocks and hosting workshops on butchering and other topics. We would be happy for you to visit and tell you about why we think this is the absolute best way to raise livestock for our health and theirs!

Our picture is one of our vibrant double yolkers compared to a grocery store organic "free range" egg.

Email us to join our occasional farm newsletter or to get chicken, eggs, honey or pork. We have pickup options in the Avondale area of Jacksonville, Mandarin, Jacksonville Beaches area, Green Cove Springs area and Gainesville area.

See our Facebook or web information page for more information and to read our mission statement and core values.


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Pastured Eggs, Whole Chickens, Chicks, Pork and Honey.

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The eggs that I received from Casey were some of the best eggs that I had ever eaten. Not only did I not taste any added hormones (that the corrupt government wants me to ingest) but I tasted a lovely piece of liberty in each bit.... [more]

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