The Food Pantry Garden is a co-operative project of a group of dedicated volunteers, the Life Ministries Food Pantry outreach, Wolfeboro's Conservation Commission and the Global Awareness Local Action (G.A.L.A.) organization. Our goal is to provide fresh and organically grown local vegetables to the Life Ministry food pantry, for distribution to its clients on a weekly basis.

The idea for the Food Pantry Garden (F.P.G.) was the brainchild of Dick Shurtleff, chair of the F.P.G. Under his direction a steering committee was formed in May, 2008 composed of Master Gardeners and representatives of the Wolfeboro Conservation Commission, the Agricultural Science program at Kingswood's Voc-Tech High School, and the Life Ministries Food Pantry. The Conservation Commission made available a portion of the Town's Garden site for the location of the new Food Pantry Garden. The Agricultural Science program undertook to clear the garden plot and prepare it for planting.

Once the garden plot and its raised beds were ready for planting, the committee's Master Gardeners became the focus of the F.P.G.'s activities at the site. The Master Gardeners planted seedlings and now actively monitor soil and water conditions to ensure maximum yield. They set the planting, weeding and watering schedules and will determine when produce is ready for harvesting. Their work can be labor intensive so they are always in need of young adult and older volunteer assistance.

Everyone is welcome to pitch in at the site in ways they feel they can offer and the Master Gardeners feel are needed at the time. Please contact one of the master gardeners on site for a list of jobs that currently need doing and a schedule of when the work needs to be done. The Food Pantry Garden is run by volunteers for the benefit of the clients of the Life Ministries Food Pantry. You can become a part of this worthwhile project just by asking.

The Food Pantry Garden Committee

If you are interested in volunteering to work in the garden you may call: Master Gardener Susan Poirer 569-0236 Master Gardener Rhonda Alden 569-3302


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