We sell eggs from free range chickens. These are not birds that are caged all day. They're let out every day to roam 5000 sq feet of the property and eat grass and bugs. Their eggs are various shades of brown with yolks that are incredibly yellow and taste MUCH better than store-bought eggs.

We're currently (02/12) selling them for only $2.00 per dozen.

We also sell locally-raised/grown canned meats which you can see in our store.

Listing last updated on Aug 22, 2013

Eggs from true free-range chickens. All natural canned beef, chicken, turkey, pork and ground beef. No hormones or additives, Not even water is added. Try a small sample case! They're the finest you can buy.

Schedule and Location:

Pick up eggs year 'round any day from 9 am to 6 pm Central time. All natural canned meats can also be picked up. Call first: 903-356-6443.

Canned Beef in Natural Juices
(From $7.80)
Tender chunks of all natural beef in the juices that cooked out during processing.


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